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Better to Own the X-Stream than Compete with It!

How can you clean the car without cleaning the rims? That's a question we wonder about with most manufacturers who don't offer wheel cleaner. Our machine 'finds' the tire, then sprays the chemical! This $aves a lot of money by not wasting expensive wheel cleaner down the sides of the rocker panel like other can machines do.

Your customers will literally "FEEL the POWER" behind these zero degree nozzles which scour those rims & panels! Wheel & Rocker Blasters combined with our Wheel Cleaner is an awesome combination. Experience the thunderous impact from our W & R Blasters!

We can not use zero degree nozzles so close to the car's underbody. So, we settled for traditional flat fan nozzles. However, they strike most vehicles about 1' away...with 45gpm from 7 nozzles @ 1000 psi...ROCKS the underbody!

 Single Pass Pre-Soak Application!

Our machine only distributes about 3-4 gallons of diluted Pre-Soak per vehicle through our 'foaming tubes' loaded with air. It appears like it's throwing 10 gpm! Our customers exclaim, "X-STREAM is the 'soapiest' car wash around".

Your customers will "Feel the Power and See The Difference". Zero degree rotating nozzles provide the agitation necassary for cleaning while the 45 degree impact provides angle, lift and momentum just like power washing! You won't see this type of cleaning on any other machine!

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