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Better to Own the X-Stream than Compete with It!

X-Stream's Compare Us Chart was designed to help you make an informed decision regarding your potential purchase of an expensive piece of equipment. The Compare Us Chart will illustrate very important features of our X-Stream Touchless Wash and enable you to make a legitimate comparison of our array of features vs. what other manufacturers are offering (or not). It's easy to get caught up in a 'sales pitch' and often hard to figure out 'what's, what'... later. You will always be able to refer back to this Chart whenever you want to review comparisons in simple black and white. Compare for yourself, click to each Competitor's web-site below:

Laser 4000, M5, G5WashworldRadiusVectorCobraOasis XP, Typhoon,
Mark VllQuicksilverWater Wizard, Autec ATF

Click HERE for Pricing and $pecial$

 Click HERE to download the Compare Us Chart seen below in .pdf

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